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  • Who we are

    Auslinjed is a distinctive investment program offering our investors access to high-growth investment opportunities in the crypto currency markets and other services like network marketing and project/funds management sector to make profit. We implement best practices of trading crypto through our operations, while offering flexibility in our investment plans. Here at auslinjed company, we emphasize on understanding our clients requirement and providing suitable solutions to meet their investment criteria. Our aim is to utilize our expertise & knowledge which will benefit our clients and the users of our services. Our company believes that when a team outperforms expectations, excellence becomes a reality.

    Aim and Objective

    Having seen the conditions of the people financially,we are aimed at improving lives in the best way we can by been very vast and current on market trends..Many people have been seeking for a better life hence the reason why we put up this innovation to to impact positively

    Our Offers

    We offer 50% Profit for every investment after 15 days And 2% referral bonus!

    Why Trade With Us

    Unlike most brokers,we do not charge a dime on any deposit made by our clients. This is to ensure that no fraction of your investment is lost.

    It takes 5-10 seconds for deposit made through credit card to be confirmed while those made through bank transfer or other means takes less than 30 minutes to be confirmed

    On any case of bad trade,capital would be made available to clients. Nobody shall loose his or her capital in this platform

    Each client has the right to cancel a contract of which the accrued profits will be minused and a 5% charge upon withdrawal. Note: Investment cancellation is not contract termination

    Our system is very secure and on no account shall your personal data be made public. Your credit card and personal information will be encrypted for optimum protection.
    Steps to getting started

    Click on the register button to get started. During registration, a registration code will be sent to your email. Copy the code and enter it in the box provided for it on the registration form to complete registration.

    Upon completion of registration, your are required to login to your user account using the password you created during registration and your registration Username.

    After account registration and a successful login, your account will be activated automatically without paying a dime

    Upon a successful account activation, you are required to make investment of not less than N2,000 and not more than N600,000. You will be able to withdraw your investment and it return after 15 days of trade.